Perseverance is a tough lesson to learn, but in the end one of the most valuable. It makes you stronger, more patient, and helps you embrace what is most important. For the past several months, Cultivate has been working hard on a new project – launchinga new online training platform for our partners. It’s been a battle since day one. The barriers to the success of this launch have been many, but we have kept working diligently. But it can be discouraging to have major set backs and delays. It’s frustratingto know that this is the most important work that we have right now, yet other things take away time from working on this continually until it’s done.

It would be so easy to give up, to not aim so high, to settle. Buy perseverance has to win. We believe in this and we’ll keep fighting on. This training platform is desperately needed. Not only will it give valuable information to our partners, it alsowill manage our workforce more efficiently, allowing us to work with more people and have a deeper impact.

The project isn’t finished yet. We’ve launched the platform, but problems are arising. There is still much content to be created and published. But no matter the set backs, the headaches, and the difficulties, we’ll keep pushing on. This is important work that we don’t give up on. There’s too much at stake.

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