Two is Better Than One

This weekend I had the opportunity to collaborate with some very intelligent and insightful people, and was reminded that two is always better than one. And a dozen is even more!

Friday night I was the guest of honor at a beautiful dinner party, hosted by Kate Shannon of Merrill Lynch and Christy Morrell-Stinson of Vision Performance, held at the Minneapolis Club. We were in a beautiful space, with over a dozen people sitting around a table discussing what truly matters in life. We shared our challenges, discontentment, but also our dreams, hope, and progress towards making this world a better place for all. I was given the opportunity to share about our work, and bring to the group our biggest challenges. I took with me so great insights, ideas, and new things to try.

Saturday morning was also wonderful. We brought together a dozen of Cultivate’s donors, interns, volunteers, and advocates to explore the ways that language deeply affect perceptions and understanding. For the last few months, we have started to evaluate the language that we use to share about Cultivate. We have found that quite often our words, descriptions, and processes are not as easily understood as we hoped. So we’re working hard to change that.

These two events are a great reminder that we should never isolate ourselves. Community is always better. We may think that we know what to do or say, but quite often we become blind to our own ways and errors. It takes community to see beyond ourselves. I hope I never forget this important lesson. I know I have so much on my own to give, to help Cultivate grow and flourish. But when I surround myself with people who have different experiences, knowledge, and wisdom than me, and if I am open to the idea that this organization that I started is truly not mine to hold onto, I will see that it can become something so much better than I ever dreamed of. It takes community to achieve that.

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